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Whether you’ve dabbled in commercial real estate or are an experienced, long-time investor, you know the truth: commercial real estate is about problem solving. With each and every project or sale, you are creating something new—based on your vision.

To build a solid plan and execute that vision, you need problem solvers you can trust. Your goal is to get to closing quickly, and our job is to consult with you, identify challenges, and break down any roadblocks. We know the business and we know Frederick. We take pride in quickly and effectively getting the job done, which is why we say, you always close with Ver-ee-tah!


Buy Property

Buying buildings can be a great way to earn revenue! However, commercial real estate can be a complicated process. Learn More…


Sell Property

Attracting qualified buyers to your listing can be a daunting process. A high quality brochure, visible signage and an online. Learn More…


Lease Property

Having a commercial real estate agent compare lease rates with these factors in mind will help you with an ‘apples to apples’ comparison.  Learn more…


Manage Property

To boost your listing and maintain your property, we work around the clock to simply your live while increasing productivity.  Learn More…